Retrouvaille of Grand Rapids

Strategic Summary

2015 – 2018

Formally adopted 1-19-2015


Drawing from the current 2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan seven focus areas have been identified for the organization.  Please keep in mind that areas will overlap and success of the plan is dependent upon each area working in concert with the other areas to accomplish the goals. The Key Areas and their goals in no particular order are:


Accessibility to all 

Retrouvaille should be available to all regardless of culture, language, faith tradition or financial status


•      Scholarship Fund

•      Program Funding

•      Spanish Speaking Program


Marketing (TOP GOAL FOR 2015)

Retrouvaille cannot exist without people knowing about its services and better communicating enrichment opportunities to its alumni


•      Have a consistent and working publicity plan in place and a publicity couple to work it.



Retrouvaille has been challenged with finding/affording appropriate locations for its programs and services.  To reach out to new populations, this aspect should be stable and predictable.


•      Use the Ramada Inn for the foreseeable future for WEEKENDS. (COMPLETE)

•      Use Prince Center for Enrichment or collaborate with Lansing for enrichment


Presenters/Volunteers (TOP GOAL FOR 2015)

Retrouvaille’s program cannot exist without peer presenters and volunteers to run the programs. 


•      Have two presenting couples for each of the POST sessions

•      Have one presenting couple for each of the three WEEKEND sections

•      Have at least 2 teams who can perform Post 13 - CORE 101 COMPLETE




Retrouvaille is a resource for those married couples going through troubles and for their families  


•      Resource Library

•      Kids Programming 

•      Prevention through Education 

•      Schedule and host a formation weekend COMPLETE

•      Schedule and host a Regional Weekend COMPLETE

•      Counseling Services - List of good counselors COMPLETE




Good communication is essential for building the team that will make Retrouvaille of Grand Rapids of Grand Rapids a success.  


•      Release an abbreviated strategic plan to alumni COMPLETE

•      Have a team (possibly publicity) connect on a planned basis with alumni 

•      Web Based Newsletter COMPLETE

•      Send WEEKEND and POST participants a weekly email blast with followup on questions, dialogue and homework reminders

•      Alumni Appreciation Dinner


Internal Processes 

There is a need in the community to see tighter processes, and more organized procedures within the board practices.  


•      Obtain a spiritual director for both Catholic and CMD WEEKENDS

•      Identify areas where administrative help is needed and procure volunteers from the alumni to assist. 

•      Complete Revision of Bylaws COMPLETE

•      Host at least 1 fundraiser and launch fund development committee


·         actively work with Regional Support and Development Team to collaborate ideas, approach and strategy COMPLETE